Using LEGO to Interpret a Brand

I’m usually helping organisations to ‘explore and build’ their brand. But, in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop I did for a major British high street brand a few months ago, we worked on a slightly different challenge.

I was with the 12-strong team responsible for the layout and design (among other things) of the Company’s 14,500 branches. And rather than establish the brand or messaging, we reviewed the brand strategy that had already been defined by the corporate team.

The team needed to understand what it meant for the Company’s customers – and therefore what the impact might be for store design, the customer experience as well as for each individual in their job function.

The half-day workshop, facilitated by me, focused on: –

  • Sharing their understanding of a customer-centric business
  • Reflecting upon what the organisation’s goals mean to them
  • Receiving and giving feedback from other team members on how they influence the business
  • Determining how they can contribute to the business
  • Committing to a set of personal action items as a result of the insight gained in the workshop

I love this example, because it demonstrates the power of team-based workshops.

Participants are nearly always surprised by the depth of creativity and understanding they are able to reach through playing with LEGO. The results for this newly formed team included a solid bonding and alignment as well as a shared commitment to strategy and actions.

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“I love this example, because it demonstrates the power of team-based workshops.”