Brandon Bays: The Journey

I was lucky enough to get to a “Journey Intensive” workshop with Brandon Bays in 2014. Brandon is a mind-body healing specialist, best-selling author and speaker.

What appealed to me about learning about her ‘Journey’ process is that she’s an NLP Master Practitioner like my good self. And, I found much of the framework familiar ground.

The programme I did was learning how to release blocked emotions that can all too often manifest themselves as physical symptoms, but causing “shut downs” and blocking cell receptors. So, really useful for anyone suffering with extreme emotions such as depression, anxiety, grief etc. But also useful for people with specific health issues. I was delighted to meet a lady who had cured her MS with Journey work, and of course Brandon herself developed the programme 20 years ago having been diagnosed with an ovarian tumour.

It was very impressive stuff, and I look forward to incorporating those techniques into our work – for both adults and children.

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