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Doyle Clayton

The Brief:

Founded in 1997 Doyle Clayton is the largest specialist employment law firm in the UK. With employment lawyers operating from offices in London (London City, London Mayfair and Canary Wharf) and the Thames Valley (Reading) it provides advice and support to both businesses and individuals across the country.

Continuous professional and personal development has always been important to the Doyle Clayton team and it invests in regularly bringing the team together for development, engagement and involvement reasons.

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY® workshop was designed to involve its partners and associates in some ‘hard fun’ to review how the organisation can continue to grow and build on its success over the the following five years.

Specifically the desired outcomes were to:

  • Continue to build on their strong understanding of one another
  • Identify aspects of how the business can be successful for the future
  •  Understand areas of commonality among the team
  •  Identify areas of difference in the team’s perspective of success
  • Create insights to initiate future discussions about the future plans for the business.

The Answer:

The 35-strong team gathered for a half day workshop that kicked of with a short skills building ‘familiarity’ session.

Following instructions from bespoke questioning, the team quickly went on to build the factors that it understands will influence the success of the firm in the future. Exploring those metaphors, they discussed their models as a group and shared them into a landscape of collective models.

They then prioritised those elements and identified anything that might be missing for further discussion and action.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a facilitated thinking, communication & problem solving technique used by teams, individuals & organisations.

Based on the concept of hand knowledge it draws on extensive research from the fields of business, organisation development, psychology and learning.

It allows people to work with ‘what they don’t know they know’.

Teams explore issues, relationships, ideas and challenges through metaphor.

Because EVERYONE builds all of the time, there’s no ‘lean back’, zoning out or non-participation.


I know I can trust Natalie to deliver coaching programmes and workshops that are memorable, practical and lasting.

Karen McKeever
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