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Post Office

The Brief:

The Post Office aspires to be at the very heart of customers’ choice by becoming the most trusted provider of essential services to every person in the land.

It is the UK’s largest retail network and the largest financial services chain in the UK with more branches than all of the UK’s banks and building societies put together. The Post Office also has growing direct channels such as contact centres and online – meaning it’s there for more customers, in more ways, with:

  • Over 370 years of service
  • More than 170 products and services
  • Over 11,500 Post Office branches nationwide run by local people
  • Over 17 million customer visits and 47 million transactions per week.

It was customer service that was at the centre of a this project for the Post Office. The team responsible for research, store design and customer experience wanted to develop a shared understanding of the Post Office brand promise “helping you get life’s important things done”.

The Answer:

A LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop was specially designed to explore the brand promise and the roadmap to success. Over half a day, the team of 13 built individual models in answer to posed questions, told their story through metaphor and put them into a shared landscape according to importance.

They examined what energises them about customer interactions, the meaning of being ‘customer-centric’ and what is core to the customer experience. They also built models to highlight what they do now, that is not having the customer at the heart of everything they do.

13 people
Half a day

In LEGO SERIOUS PLAY the bricks serve as a common language that everyone can use, regardless of their education, position or culture. This ensures that everyone’s knowledge and insights are surfaced.

The starting focus in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is on each individual and not the group. This means that the structure of the process requires everyone to be actively involved in the decision process, which increases the probability that all parties will honour the decisions, ideas and agreements after the meeting. People become genuinely emotionally committed to the things they build and/or build together. We usually demonstrate this early in the workshop by asking participants to dismantle their first build. It usually results in a round of “ohs!”.